hopital de lasalle

More than 900 units in donations to the LaSalle Hospital

It’s no secret, the actual coronavirus’ health crisis happening in the world is affecting us a lot. And during these uncertain times, it’s important to support each other.

This is why Levitts Foods wants to thank all of those working in essential businesses, but especially those from the health field, these guardian angels devoting their life and their souls to treat the ill.

Levitts is pleased with their partnership with the LaSalle Hospital and its foundation, and is proud to share that they gave more than 900 units of smoked meat in donations, deeply wishing these meat packs will help and support.

If you too want to thank medical staff and caregivers, visit the Foundation’s website at https://fondation-hopital-lasalle.ca/en/

Donate! Because together, we can make a difference.

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