• What is Angus beef?

    Angus beef is known for its succulent taste and tenderness. In order to qualify for the Angus name, beef must meet ten quality standards.

    To ensure consistent quality, Angus brand beef is selected only from Canada AAA or Prime (highly marbled) meats, whereas generic beef can come from
    grades A, AA, or AAA.

  • What grade of beef do you use?

    Some of our products are made with Angus beef. Our high-quality products are made only with grade AA or AAA beef.

    Grade AA (less marbled) and grade AAA (highly marbled) beef is among the best in North America. Marbling is a sign of good quality and great taste.

  • What part of the cow does the brisket come from?

    The brisket is the portion of the front quarter separated from the chuck and the shank.

  • What are the different cuts that come from the round?

    First, there’s the inside round (top round). As its name implies, it is the boneless portion of the round located on the inside of the leg, which is separated from the outside round by cutting lengthwise along the natural seam. The cut may extend into the rump.

    Then, there’s the outside round (bottom round), the boneless portion of the round located on the outside of the leg, which is separated from the inside round by cutting lengthwise along the natural seam. The cut may extend into the rump.

    The eye of round is the round muscle found at the outer (posterior) extremity of the outside round and extends into the rump.

  • How do you heat up an entire slab?

    Levitts Smoked Meat is ready to eat. For especially tasty results, the best way to heat a slab of smoked meat is to steam it.

    For the best results, preheat the oven to 325°F. Remove meat from the package and place on a wire rack in a roasting pan. Pour a small amount of water into the pan, making sure the water does not touch the meat. Cover and cook for 2-3 hours. Add water as needed.

    The meat is ready when easily pierced with a fork.

    For maximum tenderness, slice the meat thinly against the grain.

  • Can your products be frozen?

    Yes, our products can be frozen. However, we do not recommend freezing larger cuts (e.g., a whole smoked meat), as this can cause ice crystals to form, altering the taste and colour of the meat.

    Very important: Always thaw products in the refrigerator.

  • What does the protein (%) content mean?

    The protein content in deli meats varies between 15% and 21%. It is impossible to have a deli product that contains 100% meat protein as beef is made up of 70% water. It also contains 5-6% fat and the same amount of mineral salts. The balance is made up of meat proteins.

    During processing, the meat proteins in smoked meat, pastrami, corned beef, and roast beef are diluted by the brining process.

    A meat product containing 21% protein will have a drier texture, which is why fans of juicy smoked meat will opt for 16% protein content.

  • How is Levitts Smoked Meat made?

    Levitts Smoked Meat is made from only the best cuts of meat chosen according to the strictest quality standards.

    First, the meat is cured with a blend of herbs and spices carefully selected for their traditional smoked meat taste without artificial flavour enhancers.

    The meat is injected with the curing brine. It is then tumbled, a process that increases the tenderness of the meat, among other things.

    Next, the raw meat is coated with a dry rub to enhance its flavour and
    appearance (colour and texture).

    The different spice blends used in the rubs are what make each type of smoked and deli meat unique. While the recipes are top secret, as a general rule, they all contain peppercorns, coriander, dry mustard, paprika, garlic powder, salt, and sugar.

    The smoked meat is then slow-cooked in the oven to mouth-wateringly tender results. Once cooked, the meat is chilled very quickly to preserve its juiciness. The products are then vacuum-packed to maintain their freshness, and refrigerated until distribution.

  • How should I cook your product?

    Our products can be heated on the stovetop, in the oven, in the microwave, or on the barbecue. Feel free to consult our product information sheets on our website
    for more information.

  • What are some food safety tips to follow at home?

    Here’s a helpful link for hygiene and food safety practices to follow at home:

    Click here