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The experts at Aliments Levitts will agree that the secret to spot-on doneness is time and temperature. In fact, mastering these elements allows you to preserve the nutritional properties as well as the flavour of the meat. This is why, at Aliments Levitts, we endeavour to ensure the best possible doneness for our customers. Levitts has extensive knowledge and has developed procedures related to the following: SOUS VIDE STEAMING and SMOKING.

Building on a meticulous meat, ingredient and packaging selection process, Levitts has achieved its utmost priority—to offer superior quality.

Within the production process, a team of experts is dedicated to verifying quality standards from the arrival of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product, and all the processing steps in between.
In order to ensure that customers are provided with safe food products that are free of any health risks, Levitts has established its own quality program and has obtained HACCP and SQF certification (level 2).

The Levitts quality assurance team performs ongoing verification of production and hygiene standards, and assures compliance with legislation and the various quality standards.

As a means of disseminating its expertise with regard to quality and good practices, Levitts has implemented an ongoing training program for its employees.

Building on several years of experience in various vectors of the food industry, and as the creator of several dozens of recipes, the R&D team is focused on discovering the tastes, emotions and culinary standards of its customers to offer them products that meet and exceed their expectations.

The skills and expertise of Levitts’ R&D team are reflected in its passion for the products, the range of solutions it offers to different customers and its responsiveness toward diverse expectations. The company’s ability to adapt allows it to meet the challenges posed by markets and trends.

Your needs, our expertise

Are you in the food industry? Tell us about your needs and your projects. Our experts are all ears!



Are you looking to launch or strengthen your brand or a range of products?

When it comes to developing new products and flavours, future trends, and packaging formats and types, rely on our expertise.

At Levitts, we love a good challenge, and respond to any and all requests relating to new projects.


Restaurant operators

Are you looking to offer a new dish on your menu, stock a particular product or market your brand in stores?

There are as many different types of projects as there are restaurants, and Levitts is committed to your success.

Levitts will work with you to develop a unique recipe with a taste that reflects your personality.

Throughout the product development and marketing phases, Levitts invites various collaborators to participate in the process. Thanks to a strong network and consumer and product knowledge, Levitts is an ideal partner for owners of restaurants or restaurant chains seeking to expand their reputation and deepen their expertise in the field.



Are you looking for a customized product or turnkey solution for your business?

Because Levitts knows that the quality of the products you serve in your establishment is just as important as the cost, we offer solutions with optimal quality-pricing.

We are always listening to your needs so that we can support you with our best practices and our expertise in quality products.

As your business partner, Levitts responds to all your needs efficiently and in a timely and organized fashion.

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