Production Supervisor


  • We are looking for a production supervisor who will be able to organize, coordinate and supervise all the activities in his/her sector and ensure that they are carried out in safe conditions and in connection with the company’s orientations. The supervisor will also be responsible for leading the team to achieve zero incidents, operational excellence and a high level of engagement.
  • You are responsible for supervising, leading and controlling a work team.
  • You ensure the plant’s efficient production, respecting qualitative and quantitative standards and rationalizing the use of human and material resources.
  • You must effectively respond to the demands required by the company operations for safety, quality and production.
  • You collaborate with maintenance and other departments’ teams.


  • Ensure that the team achieves established objectives;
  • Monitor the operations plan by ensuring compliance with health and safety, quality and environmental standards;
  • Ensure compliance with quality standards at each stage of production, be responsible for product quality and corrective measures in collaboration with the quality team during a quality deviation;
  • Ensure that team members in his/her area are trained and qualified to perform the work according to the established instructions;
  • Monitor the performance indicators of its sector as well as process audits while implementing the appropriate countermeasures;
  • Participate in department improvement projects.


  • Apply the production schedule and if necessary, readjust it according to the limitations encountered and transmit the information to the employees.
  • Supervise the employees under his/her responsibility in accordance with company rules (assignment of labour, overtime, disciplinary measures, etc.) while ensuring that production objectives are met.
  • Weekly validate the electronic punches of all employees under his/her responsibility in Synerion Agile.
  • Organize work by responding to daily priorities and maximizing the performance of each employee to achieve the best possible efficiency.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the HACCP program. Ensure that documents are completed by employees and ensure that HACCP procedures are done and followed.
  • Schedule vacations and plan replacements.
  • Evaluate his/her staff’s performance as needed or as requested by immediate superior and complete the appropriate forms.
  • May be called upon to supervise the testing of new equipement.
  • Manage employee training. Make sure to train them as needed. Plan the replacement of personnel during training.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety rules by its employees.
  • May be called upon to carry out specific mandates.
  • Be the local manager in case of emergency (eg. Fire alarm, fire, water damage, first aid, spill, etc.) and responds to Prudentiel in the event of an intrusion alarm.
  • Make the link between the mechanical department, the quality assurance lab and production.
  • Ensure teamwork between employees on the same shift as well as when changing shifts to increase efficiency.
  • Complete the overtime schedule in the event of absence and/or surplus production.
  • Transmit the company values.


  • College diploma with 3 years of experience of high school diploma combined with relevant experience in a manufacturing environment of at least 5 years;
  • Mastery of softwares in Windows environment;
  • Autonomy and capacity of taking quick decisions;
  • Good abilities in interpersonal relations;
  • Rigorous and dynamic approach;
  • Sense of urgency and organization;
  • Knowledge of HACCP standards and procedures
  • Leadership
  • Fluent in French and English, written and spoken


  • Competitive group insurance
  • Conditions to discuss