COVID-19 | Update from Levitts Foods

March 18th, 2020



Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

In light of the COVID-19, we would like to provide an update on the actions we have taken to protect our employees, our operations and our ability to serve you.

  • Sanitation. Our production plant sanitation standards are among the highest in the world. We have reinforced our sanitation procedures with our employees and our sanitation partners for our production areas. We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout our facility and have limited access to our production area to essential employees only. All door handles are disinfected with the use of Clorox products twice a day and sanitation reminder messages are displayed in our common areas.
  • Video Conferencing. Limit on non-essential local travel. Video conferencing and other technologies are being used in lieu of in-person meetings until further notice.
  • Travel. Travel ban on our staff and staying at home for a period of 14 days from the time an employee returns from any travel.
  • Supply Chain. In the event we become aware of any disruptions, we will notify potentially affected customers promptly. To date, although we are operating at a lower capacity, primarily due to some employees staying home to take care of their out of school children, our operations are running normally and we have not yet experienced any significant disruption to our supply chain.
  • Product promotion limitations. Due to our lower capacity and our responsibility to ensure proper distribution to all our clients, our ability to accept product promotion requests will be very limited until further notice.
  • Forecasting. During these exceptional times, we ask that you inform your sales representative of any changes you foresee in your demand for our products and respect the minimum lead times for all purchase orders to enable us to properly plan production and deliveries.

We remain committed to providing the best possible service to you under these exceptional circumstances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

With best regards,


Jean-François Desjardins


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